FabSpace 2.0 (Derived from Science 2.0 and Web 2.0 Technologies) is a European initiative to bring all Geo-Enthusiasts together in-line with the Copernicus mission and vision. The FabSpace 2.0 project gives the opportunity to be a part of creating a Geo-network for Geo-data-driven innovation by leveraging space data in European Universities. With the funding from Horizon 2020, FabSpace is launching open innovation one-stop-shops (FabLab) in European universities in collaboration with Business Incubation Centers of European Space Agency (ESA BIC). For instance, In Darmstadt, Institute of Geodesy - Technical University of Darmstadt is working with ESA Business Incubation Center Darmstadt managed by cesah GmbH.

The FabSpace 2.0 Lab - FabLab (Space Fabrication Lab) providing a free-access service, infrastructure, academic materials, software, tools and hands-on support among students, researchers and entrepreneurs. The FabSpace Earth Observation Laboratory supports users to use the available hardware and software and helps them to understand how earth observation data and Geo-data can be applied to solve everyday challenges. All the ready-to-use infrastructure and web-platform is free to use for prototype application development and testing of it.

FabSpace Laboratory offers free entrance to anyone interested in learning about the endless innovation and business opportunities on earth observation and geospatial data. There are already six FabSpace Laboratory and Geo-platforms in operation in Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Poland and Greece. The broader goal of FabSpace is to incorporate all other European countries in next years and then spread the word worldwide.

It’s always exciting that where nobody can go or observe, but “Europe’s Eye on Earth, Sentinels” can take images of that place and tells the unknown stories. The European navigation satellite system Galileo is already in operation to give precise positioning information. Now the door is wide open to merge space technologies and different relevant disciplines together to create innovative solutions. It is true belief that necessity is always the trigger of Innovation and earth observation and navigation satellites explore those urges. Thus, FabSpace Darmstadt activities give the opportunity of “Dream it, Make it and Share it” in an open innovation network. Fabspace is concern about the petabytes of data that are produced every day by the Earth Observation satellites. Thus, FabSpace core team, advisors and mentors are helping young enthusiasts to create a processing chain algorithm which helps people to get easy access and process "Satellite Imagery to Develop Digital Applications". FabSpaces all over Europe are working towards shaping the future through ambitious ideas with the motto "Space for Sustainable Future".

FabSpace 2.0 Germany wants to change the game in a fashion that nothing is impossible if there are innovative ideas and can do attitude. FabSpace initiative all over te Europe are always trying to excite others to become passionate and work hard by focusing on their own Ideas. FabSpace energizing people to be good and push themselves to serve for others with strong persistence. FabSpaces all over the Europe are focusing on idealizing small achievements towards a larger goal.