The FabSpace Darmstadt team was present during the entire night at the very exiting social media event for the launch of Sentinel-2B stellite. Mr. Sascha Heising and Mr. Bayzidul Islam talked about the project’s ongoing activities with the audience and presented some recent highlights at a small booth.

Fig: Mr. Bayzidul Islam and Mr. Sascha Heising after preparing the booth for the social media event for Sentinel launch. (Image credit: ESA/J. Mai)

The whole event was a great success for European Space Agency - ESA and the entire Earth Observation - EO community. It has raised an amazing awareness and underlined the importance of the Copernicus program in every point of view. More than 300 guests attended during the event and cherish valuable talks from speakers. The social media community posted more than 17,000 twitter messages and approximately 21,000,000 people were reached worldwide. That was just an amazing broadcast by the the #Sentinel2Go team. Mr. Sascha Heising was interview live on stage in the night for an interview where he introduced FabSpace and invited everybody who is curious about earth observation technology to join FabSpace 2.0.

Fig: Mr. Sascha Heising was interviewed by ESA Social Media. (Image: ESA / R. Palmari)

Mr. Bayzidul Islam joined the social media community and talked about the prospects of satellite imagery produced by Sentinel-2A and 2B Satellites. He also introduced FabSpace 2.0 Darmstadt to the wider audience in the warmup session before sentinel-2B launched.

Fig: Mr. Bayzidul Islam was attending ESA social media event and guided tour inside ESOC (Image: ESA / R. Palmari)

After a long night the FabSpace Darmstadt team was excited how many people could join FabSpace after the event. And of course, it was great to have the Sentinel-2B satellite safely in its orbit with her sister satellite Sentinel-2A.

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