On Saturday, 20.5.2017 FabSpace participated at “Tag der Geodäsie” organized by the Institute of Geodesy, Darmstadt University of Technology at Darmstadt city center. In the day long program different departments of the Institute of Geodesy presented live demos as “GPS based height measurement”, “SAR signal based Deformation Measurement” and other interesting aspects of Geodesy. The program was in a fashion of public viewing and answering their interesting questions. FabSpace in particular promoted possibilities of remote sensing sciences and the potentials of satellite data.
“Tag der Geodäsie” is to show the work of the geodesists which makes our everyday life much easier. These scientists explore and measure our Earth, as well as the Universe. From their data, city plans, land and sea maps, 3D visualizations and entire navigation systems are created. Bayzidul Islam and Sascha Heising were there to explore the possible collaboration between Geodesy and Earth Observation in the digital world and also asked by different participants so many interesting questions.
The team from FabSpace also showed their new presentation item, which illustrates different use cases of satellite applications very nicely. People were exited to watch the videos and get explained what it is all about.

Bayzidul Islam and Sascha Heising at “Tag der Geodäsie” in Darmstadt