This year on June, 6th 2018 FabSpace Darmstadt attended the 9th edition of the hessian “Breitbandgipfel” to share thoughts how to enroll a gigabit internet infrastructure in the state of Hesse. Beside various political and business issues there was also a strong focus on different construction solutions for the cable infrastructure that aroused the teams interest.
To trigger new exciting cutting edge challenges Sascha Heising from FabSpace elaborated how a method like micro trenching among others could benefit from earth observation and radar altimetry data in particular. The event was a perfect spot to generate new ideas and get in contact with industry stakeholders that are usually quite far away from using EO. Next step would be to have a S3 workshop on the possibilities of how to use EO data in this field of application.

Sascha Heising from FabSpace Darmstadt at the Breitbandgipfel