Finally, the decision of the jury has been made and we have the winner of local Image CLEF 2017 remote task at FabSpace Darmstadt, Germany. His name is Kazi Rifat Ahmed and he won the trip to Dublin (the European event of FabSpace 2.0 project, Image CLEF 2017), thankfully sponsored by Telespazio VEGA Deutschland GmbH. While we were shooting our finalists, the result was still a thrill and just after that we had declared and we shot again the expression of the winner. The jury selected the winner according to 1) the accuracy of image processing and population estimation (based on the initial ground truth set from the secondary sources), 2) the diverse methodology used to solve the challenge, 3) the implication of software and tools. Follow the video to see more about his plans for Dublin.


Crossing the target line of this year’s Image CLEF 2017 local event at FabSpace Darmstadt, Germany you have the chance to get to know our German finalist Rifat and Philipp. This year, FabSpace managed to get a sponsor for the winner’s trip to Dublin. Telespazio VEGA Deutschland GmbH will be sponsoring the German representative to attend the European Image CLEF 2017 event in September. The Darmstadt based aerospace company is one of the shareholders of cesah and was happy to become involved in our exciting competition. Watch the interview between the finalists and Alexandra Sokolowski from Telespazio VEGA and learn about their obstacles and major challenges during their work on the challenge which was to estimate population of an area of interest based on Sentinel-2 satellite imagery. They also talk about their background and different motivation. So next time it might be you! Step up and join the FabSpace network today.


We're very happy to have also HIGHEST with us. HIGHEST is the innovation centre of TU Darmstadt and operates as a hub and catalyst to enable students to become entrepreneurs. To find out more about HIGHEST, click here.


On Saturday, 20.5.2017 FabSpace participated at “Tag der Geodäsie” organized by the Institute of Geodesy, Darmstadt University of Technology at Darmstadt city center. In the day long program different departments of the Institute of Geodesy presented live demos as “GPS based height measurement”, “SAR signal based Deformation Measurement” and other interesting aspects of Geodesy. The program was in a fashion of public viewing and answering their interesting questions. FabSpace in particular promoted possibilities of remote sensing sciences and the potentials of satellite data.
“Tag der Geodäsie” is to show the work of the geodesists which makes our everyday life much easier. These scientists explore and measure our Earth, as well as the Universe. From their data, city plans, land and sea maps, 3D visualizations and entire navigation systems are created. Bayzidul Islam and Sascha Heising were there to explore the possible collaboration between Geodesy and Earth Observation in the digital world and also asked by different participants so many interesting questions.
The team from FabSpace also showed their new presentation item, which illustrates different use cases of satellite applications very nicely. People were exited to watch the videos and get explained what it is all about.

Bayzidul Islam and Sascha Heising at “Tag der Geodäsie” in Darmstadt


Today our partner and sponsor for the winner Software AG released our last official press statement. You can find it here (German ONLY).


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