The FabSpace team is very proud to announce another big player for beginning of the Startup week on Monday, 26.6. at TU Darmstadt. Finally the team of Mercks Innovation team will join our event to promote their upcoming hackathon and their acceleration program. We’re looking forward to have them with us.


On April 28th, local FabSpace project country leaders Sascha Heising and Bayzidul Islam were involved this year in the annual conference of “Global Navigation meets Geoinformation organized by cesah GmbH where the participation was about 250 visitors. Through this event FabSpace Darmstadt achieved the 4th Geomatic Day since the opening. The heterogeneous target group of the event varies from students to high level representatives, CEOs and staff of public administrations i.e. “Hessisches Landesamt für Bodenmanagement und Geoinformation”. Sascha Heising was engaged as moderator as well as presenter of FabSpace to the audience. Interestingly the panel discussion moderated by Mr. Heising was about “Satellite navigation and earth observation in a digitalized world”.

Sascha Heising presented a conceptual introduction about FabSpace especially for this event. Following the concept of storytelling, Heising decided to show a use case about shark attacks in Reunion island to illustrate the process chain of FabSpace activity. The story indicated the start of curiosity about earth observation to the data and tools using in Open Innovation and ending at rapid prototype testing in both the physical and virtual FabSpace Lab. Mr. Heising also underlined that FabSpace will be the “First-Step” towards every journey of Make-Create-Innovate with earth observation.

In parallel, Bayzidul Islam promoted FabSpace at the corresponding exhibition booth in the main hall at ESOC. He also promoted the upcoming FabSpace “Startup Week” together with Software AG. In addition to that Dr. Damian Bargiel was also able to give a speech about FabSpace. After the event the FabSpace Darmstadt team received important feedback to strengthen the local FabSpace concept. The event also showed that “FabSpace” is nowadays a well-known term in the Darmstadt and the Rhein-Main space community, thanks a lot for the support given by the participants, ESA/ESOC and all other institutions.

Booth of FabSpace during the conference.

All images: (c) Ines Dombeck, 2017


On April 18th Sascha Heising from FabSpace together with Dr. Frank Zimmermann (CEO, cesah GmbH) joined the innovation center staff of Merck in Darmstadt. Merck is a global player in Healthcare, Life Science and Performance Materials. The objective of the meeting was to explore opportunities for future cooperation and the benefits of using earth observation technology. The team of Merck identified several starting points to build on. On the other hand, Sascha Heising and Dr. Frank Zimmermann were impressed by the effort of Merck to trigger new innovation. “The environment and spirit was quite inspiring”, summarizes Sascha Heising his impressions. The team is looking forward to visit the final Innovation Center, which will be ready for operation in the end of 2017 (read more).

from left: Sascha Heising, Matthias Simnacher, Dr. Frank Zimmermann and Hong Wa Poon at the current Innovation Center of Merck (image: FabSpace).

After presenting the scope and goals of FabSpace 2.0 both parties agreed to keep on the discussion and define concrete actions in the next few months.


photo: Deutsche Messe

CeBIT is a global event for digital business where FabSpace 2.0 Darmstadt spent 3 days and got a lot of new perspectives in the world of IT and digital business. At present the CeBIT is the biggest IT fair worldwide with about 200.000 visitors this year. This was the perfect place to be last week. FabSpace Darmstadt collected so many new impressions and ideas for upcoming events together with new contacts who will hopefully lead to cooperation in the future. This year in CeBIT the main buzz words IoT (Internet of Things), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Therefore, FabSpace Managers Sascha Heising and Bayzidul Islam are thinking about a specialized FabSpace event in the following days bringing together IoT, AI and ML with Earth Observation (EO). “Currently we have the conceptual idea in our mind but we think we can announce the design of the event soon”, comments Bayzidul Islam on the ideation of FabSpace Darmstadt. “This would be our 3rd innovation event this year”, adds Sascha Heising considering the ImageCLEF event in April and the Startup week together with Software AG in June 2017.

See you in 2018 at the CeBIT Campus.


photo: Software AG

“Startup Week” kickoff at CeBIT 2017 was awe-inspiring for FabSpace Darmstadt which is going to be organized together with Software AG in the summer. FabSpace Darmstadt was honored to get the presence of the federal minister of economic and energy affairs, Mrs. Brigitte Zypries and the former astronaut Thomas Reiter in the announcement of the “Startup Week”.

Brigitte Zypries kicks off the FabSpace startup-week at the booth of Software AG during CeBIT 2017. photo: Software AG

The event was announced live on stage at the Software AG booth with a remarkable media coverage of more than 50 journalists and many more attendees from all over the world. The event started with a guest speech given by Mrs. Brigitte Zypries and continued with an impressive presentation by Thomas Reiter’s talk on his experience and the view from space on earth. Right after that Software AG arranged a panel discussion including also Mr. Karl-Heinz Streibich (CEO, Software AG), Mr. Lionel Born (CSO, Spacenus) and Mr. Sascha Heising (Project Leader, cesah GmbH contribution of FabSpace). The Panel discussion theme was “Space 4.0: From Space to Business” where all the experts were elaborating about the endless possibilities one can make, create and innovate with earth observation. Mr. Karl-Heinz Streibich underlined the activities of Software AG in the field of startup support and its startup program in cooperation with universities. Mr. Sascha Heising focused on the benefits of FabSpace which is a pre-incubation program and provides possibilities to be incubated in the ESA Business Incubation program as a continuation of FabSpace users. As a best practice FabSpace also introduced Mr. Lionel Born from Spacenus GmbH as a promising example of an earth observation and geospatial technology based startup.

from left: Thomas Reiter, Karl-Heinz Streibich (CEO Software AG), Sascha Heising (FabSpace) and Lionel Born (CSO Spacenus GmbH) together with moderator Byung-Hun Park introduce the startup week. photo: Software AG 

The current focus of the FabSpace Darmstadt is the upcoming “Startup Week” where participants will have the opportunity to win a “Trip to Silicon Valley” sponsored by Software AG. The detailed program will be published soon but registration is open and limited so interested should hurry up and REGISTER HERE.


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